iPhone Creating UK Wi-Fi Boom

According to a recent market research report, the UK is set to experience a “Wi-Fi boom” thanks in part to the iPhone’s popularity. The report says that the high saturation of smartphones in the population is helping to spur the opening of more and more public WI-Fi hotspots. The number of hotspots increased 47% in 2009, and handheld devices like the iPhone made up 35% of the connections made to them, opposed to just 20% in 2008. It is estimated that by 2011, it will be up to nearly half.

The information comes courtesy of In-Stat, a market research firm devoted to spotting trends. They say the iPhone made a big difference in the growth of Wi-Fi hotspots.

“The iPhone launch made a big difference. Before that, hotspots were pretty empty. All of a sudden there was an enormous surge in use,” Geddes told the FT.

Additionally, US carrier AT&T saw a fivefold increase in hotspot connections from iPhones in 2009, which correlates to iPhone sales.

[via Macworld]


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