iPhone Claims 23% Of Smartphone Market In The U.S.

The latest survey by ChangeWave has found that the iPhone has risen in smartphone market share to 23%, up from the 11% they were found to have in July. The increase shows that they are quickly catching up to RIM, which remains the leader at 41%, and only slipped 1% in the same time.

In terms of customer satisfaction, however, the iPhone greatly surpasses RIM’s Blackberry line, with the same survey reporting 77% of iPhone customers saying they are “very satisfied” with their purchase.

However, the release of RIM’s latest touchscreen Blackberry, the Storm, has increased interest in the Blackberry to where for the first time since July, more of those surveyed said they planned to buy a Blackberry than those who said they planned to get an iPhone in the coming months.

[via Changewave Blog]

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