iPhone Causing Increase In Mobile Maps Usage

One of the great things about the iPhone is that it makes it easy and simple to find your way no matter where you are thanks to the Google Maps app. According to internet US age analyst comScore, the use of mobile maps have jumped 82% in the US and 72% in the UK.

Strangely enough, the same cannot be said for the PC. At the same time that mobile maps increased, the accessing of maps from a PC in the UK dropped. In the US, the increase of mobile maps usage far outpaced that of PC usage.

Not surprisingly, it seems that the iPhone is responsible for this. M:Metrics finds that the iPhone is the leading device among both PCs and handhelds used for accessing maps. In the UK, it is still behind Nokia’s N95 and N70, possibly since the iPhone has been available for a shorter time.

“The mobile phone as a personal navigation device makes tremendous sense,” observed Mark Donovan, senior analyst at comScore.

“With the influx of devices, such as the iPhone with GPS, entering the market, Nokia’s purchase of NAVTEQ and the growing popularity of downloadable navigation applications, you don’t need a map to see where this sector is going.”

[via Macworld UK]

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