iPhone, Blackberry Bold Face Off In Wi-Fi Browser Test

There’s been a lot of talk about the Blackberry Bold and how it is one of the contenders some believe will be going head-to-head with the iPhone in the US and elsewhere as people chose which smartphone they’re looking for. MobileComputer decided to test them head to head in a browser race, and record the results. Video after the break.

The iPhone is the clear winner based on this test, but they suspect that the Blackberry may have dropped the Wi-Fi connection part way through. . Another Blackberry Bold owner sent in their results, and while it was faster than their test, it was still 28 seconds slower:

The conclusion? Good question. It’s difficult to say considering that the Blackberry has no way of turning off cellular data and using only Wi-Fi so a true test could be ensured. Personally, I think that this was mostly a fair test, because it shows what would happen if you were using either device and were trying to use them on the Wi-Fi network. Thoughts?

[via Mobile Computing]

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