iPhone apps save lives

CPR and Choking App

I read a story this morning about a coach in California that saved a player’s life after using an iPhone app.

Xavier Jones, a 17-year-old basketball player collapsed during a basketball game in La Verne, Cali.  The head coach, Eric Cooper Sr., just happened to review his CPR skills the night before by looking at the iPhone app, iPhone Aid.  The app gives real time instructions for how to give CPR so the head coach and assistant coach were able to revive him before the ambulance arrived.

I started searching for more stories like this and found one from the earthquake in Haiti at the beginning of this year.  A man that was trapped in the rubble for 60 hours and used another app he had downloaded a while ago to treat a compound fracture of his leg and a cut on his forehead.

There are more than 80 apps in the AppStore for CPR ranging from CPR for babies or pets to versions in different languages.  There are a lot of First Aid apps too that discuss more than just CPR.  You don’t have to pay for these apps either, there are a lot of free apps and others start at $0.99.

It’s interesting to think about how much our iPhones really do for us.  I joke that it’s my lifeline but in reality it is.  It’s with me all the time, makes phone calls and text messages, accesses the Internet, and there’s literally an “App for everything.”  Can’t figure out how to do something, first go to the Internet then try the AppStore.

I barely even use my computer anymore except to write papers for school, which might change if I could afford an iPad.  I rarely send an e-mail from my computer anymore, just use my iPhone.  Check Facebook or Twitter, iPhone.  Check my bank account, iPhone.  Listen to music, iPhone.  Check the weather, iPhone.  If I lost my iPhone and lost everything saved on my calendar or in my notes, I have no idea what I would do.  It’s even my GPS and yellow pages now.

I’ve never really used an Android, (tried to play with one of my friend’s phones, couldn’t figure it out) but I still think iPhones are the best smartphones out there.

With access to this many day-to-day applications and even apps that can save lives, why would it not be the best phone on the market?