iPhone App of the Day – June 2, 2012

Although our staff here at iPhone Alley doesn’t get to review every single worthwhile application that undoubtedly bombard the App Store each and everyday, we keep an eye out for those that promise potential. Our limited number of reviews isn’t reflective of our eyes that are constantly searching the broad confines of the App Store. Below is our pick for today’s best application.

And our app of the week for this week is…




Xtrail ($4.99)

There’s no doubt whether or not health and fitness applications come in abundance on the App Store. In fact, they’ve got a whole section dedicated solely to them. Naturally anyone who wants recognition in the genre has to release something that prominently stands out from the norm. That’s what Sophiestication Software have done with their latest endeavor – Xtrail, a helpful coalescence of an aesthetically-pleasing user interface and an unprecedented fitness companion.

Whether you’re simply a casual jogger who hits the neighborhood sidewalks to work off a slab of cheesecake or are slightly more advanced considering you’re always running the streets of your town for the next local marathon, Xtrail is the ideal contender for a fitness companion. It transforms your iPhone into a portable GPS tracking device that informs you of handy information as you run.

The application will measure the time elapsed since the beginning of your job (or ride if you’re using the cycling alternative within the app), your pace, speed, distance traveled, calories burned and more. This will be displayed in an intuitive list fashion and will be proceeded by a map detailing your location.

You can then transfer your data through iCloud to your other devices and can share your progress by many of the usual means.

Like we mentioned above, Xtrail is beautifully crafted – evidently by the hand of a professional designer.

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