iPhone, Android Users Get Bored With Apps At Same Rate

A recent study from Flurry Analytics shows that on average, Android and iPhone users get bored with new apps at roughly the same rate. According to the study, only about 40% are still using an app after a whole month. That number drops to about 15% after the second month, and only 5% after the 6th month. The study concludes that in terms of the platform, the devices are close to identical.

“Just like the brand of flat screen T.V. doesn’t affect how much one enjoys a movie she is watching, the new class of touch screen smartphones doesn’t impact how well the user enjoys a game, social networking or other kind of application.”

The study also found that social networking apps tend to get used around 20 times a month, while “lifestyle” apps are used only 5 times a month on average.

[via Business Insider]


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