iPhone Alley’s Weekend Gamer Edition – A Pixel-Plagued Week of Releases

As we evaluate and take some of the many applications released each week through our review process, we try to highlight the best aspects of some and furthermore the best all around. More specifically, with games. At the end of every week, we’ll give you a rundown on a few applications that we’ve both already looked at and also have not yet reviewed to provide you with possible contenders for your weekend gaming needs, if you’re a gamer of course.

INC $1.99


Coming from, in my opinion, the best producers of iOS platformers, OrangePixel, INC is yet another in the genre that took the cake for this week. As most other platformers on the App Store, INC uses virtual controls and has got cleverly designed levels to test your every nerve thanks to the multiple enemies and obstacles that have been incorporated along the way in the game’s forty-level campaign mode. Plus, the retro artwork is simply the extra whipped cream on top, it’s absolutely beautiful if you’re a [retro] junkie like I am. Though humble, INC hasn’t yet hit it big, I can safely say that it’s got the potential to go far and definitely should.

Junk Jack $2.99


Despite the fact that we reviewed this application over a week ago, it still passed our process with absolutely flying colors: a stunning four stars. Available on the App Store, the game provides you with a minecraft-like experience for iOS but with much more additional personality on the developer’s part rather than being a blatant ripoff as we’ve seen before in the App Store’s existence. The game puts you in control of Jack, who you’ll take around the massive, randomly-generated maps and will be able to mine, craft, build and fight almost anything that you could possible think of. With the pixel aesthetic that accompanies the game, as well as promised updates in the near future to carry out the application’s full potential, we recommended the game with our fullest effort – that recommendation still sticks today. Don’t miss out on this killer application.

Holiday Havoc $0.99


Although it has its caveats, including lack of content and proper instructions within the actual game (the latter is on the way now, by the way, because of popular request), we found Holiday Havoc a joy to both play and review. Boasting a Christmas-centric theme, you play as Santa in an attempt to stop the evil toys that have come to life to steal all of the presents. The occasional elf, or otherwise known as Santa’s little helper, will come into the screen as well to add to the large pile of presents, and you have to avoid shooting them to stay in the game. As enemies flood in, you’ll be posed with strategically shooting snowballs at them to stop them short in their tracks – you let one steal a present or you shoot three elves means you’re out, and your score is thereon submitted to the included Game Center leaderboards. It’s a great way to celebrate the holiday season and satisfy your gaming needs.

It’s totally coincidental that all three of the applications in this post can be considered to be somewhat nostalgic, if you will, with their pixel artwork, but I don’t mind, and all of the apps are certainly within your budget and worthy of your money. Whenever you need a quick fix of gaming, they’ve got you covered.