iPhone Alley’s Runner Up Reviewed Games of 2011

There are just so many games that you can include in your best of the year, so we were sadly not able to accomodate each and every one of them that we would have originally liked to. So to give our other favorite, reviewed games some publicity and encourage readers to purchase them as well as on top of our top ten, we’ve compiled a list of five games that are great but didn’t make the top 10.

The following games are games that we reviewed, but we could not allocate into our top 10 games of the year list. Check them out, along with the included overviews, in no particular order.

Runner-Up Games:

INC – $1.99 (Review)

The third in the series of iOS platformers from developer, OrangePixel, INC puts in you control of a pixelated character charged of jumping from platform to platform while shooting enemies and avoiding deadly hazards – the usual platforming stuff. The unique aspect of the game is its artwork. Retro artwork, as indicated by the developing outlet’s name, the graphics looks absolutely gorgeous running on any retina-capable device.


Junk Jack – $2.99 (Review)

Inspired by the popular titles Terraria and Minecraft, Junk Jack was built from the ground as a unique iOS derivative of the two aforementioned games. Sporting a pixel aesthetic, you’re put in control of Jack who likes to collect junk. Three randomly-generated world available to play in, the game lets you do whatever you please: eat, kill, chop, dig, mine, build, craft – you name it. You’re able to collect materials, craft new materials and so on to create wonderful creations with your imagination being the only limit.

 Mad Skills Motocross – $0.99 (Review)

Motocross games come in abundance on the App Store. The copious amounts lead to both horrible games with clunky UI and controls and also to flawless execution of the genre. Mad Skills Motocross is of the latter. A port of the popular PC version, the game offers intense fun for anyone even slightly peaked by the idea. In the main meat of the game, you’ll race against one other computerized player, with the AI-difficulty able to be tweaked to your liking. Your aim is to get the best time on the various tracks each boasting different types of terrain. The variation of environments, the tight controls, bright, colorful artwork and the content come together here for the best motocross game for iOS, in my humble opinion. For $0.99, it’s an absolute no-brainer.

 Qvoid – $2.99 (Review)

Qvoid takes you through a puzzling journey of an aspiring cube. A twist on the common formula, you’ll roll the cube across the many stages in attempt to match all of the colors up together. By rolling a face of the cube on a colored tile on the stage, that face will pick up the color. You must then strategically roll the side with the color onto the other tile to eliminate the color. The introduction of new gameplay elements along the way, including multiple colored tiles, different types of tiles and more cause the gameplay to increasingly vary in difficulty. For puzzle fans, it’ll be a joy playing through the many levels in hopes of completing the difficult levels in the least amount of moves possible. Unfortunately, I’m not the wittiest when it comes to games like such, so I wasn’t able to progress through the game to a noticeable extent, but the bright visuals made playing the game a blast.

The Blocks Cometh – $0.99 (Review)

Originally facing an issue regarding a fake knockoff, Halfbot’s flash title The Blocks Cometh was later ported to iOS in its official, full-fledged form. The classic climbing action that you loved in the PC predecessor is maintained throughout the gameplay of The Blocks Cometh. Using on-screen, virtual controls, which we had some issues with when the game first launched, you’ll control one of many characters up as high as you can as you jump on top of the falling blocks while also avoiding being crushed. It’s a unique gameplay experience, and the pixel artwork enhances that even further. The inclusion of multiple gameplay modes and of different playable/unlockable characters takes the gaming to a whole new level, and it augments the replay value of the game.

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