iPhone Alley’s 10-6 Best Reviewed Games of 2011

We’re joining in on the masses of other similar lists that have been released on iOS-centric blogs with our take of the best iOS games of the year. Although the list shows a concrete list of games, we didn’t get a chance to review every single awesome application of the year (in fact we missed a ton that I’d really like to include) so don’t complain on behalf of anything that has been left out – this list was compiled solely from the games that we reviewed to prevent confusion.

Note that this list is compiled solely from the applications that we reviewed this year. If we didn’t review it, we didn’t include it in, although we will have a similar-formatted post shortly which will highlight some of my favorite applications that we didn’t get to cover.

Applications 10-5:


Ten. Gold & Chocolate – $0.99 (Review)

Beautiful and innovative – making Gold & Chocolate the top contender for the number ten spot on this list. Along with a unique premise, the previously mentioned aspects of the game coalesce flawlessly leaving you with an elegant puzzler. Good creatures float aimlessly around the screen and occasional light beams appear revealing baddies. You must eliminate the bad creatures from the bunch in a total of 90 increasingly difficult levels.

Nine. The Last Rocket -$2.99 (Review)

The usual path of platformers was slightly sidestepped here with The Last Rocket from indie developer, Shaun Inman. Boasting slick retro artwork, which I’m a total sucker for, the game involves a variety of swipe controls to navigate the closed, obstacle-packed levels included in hopes of collecting all a computer’s missing gears. Read our review for the full gist of things. It’s totally worthy of a purchase.

Eight. 1-Bit Ninja – $1.99 (Review)

As you can see, platformers are my main interest on the App Store. In this case, homage is paid to past Gameboy devices with the minimalistic, oldschool artwork. Sadly, the game also seemed to bring over the sheer difficulty that other platformers of the olden days challenged you with, which is fine in the beginning but quickly will overwhelm the average, casual gamer. Plus, the controls are questionable depending on your taste.

Seven. Jetpack Joyride -FREE (Review)

I’m pretty sure that this is without doubt the best endless runner on the App Store currently – well, let me rephrase myself: the best endless flyer on the App Store to date. Coming from the Aussie geniuses behind the all-acclaimed Fruit Ninja, you’ll take control of Barry Steakfries, the outlet’s signature character, as you fly a jetpack through caverns and laboratories dodging lasers, rockets and a whole lot more deadly obstacles. With a simple control mechanic, the game also boasts high quality artwork as well as an immense store holding swag that Barry Steakfries can be outfitted with using in-game coins collected when playing.

Six. Blosics – $0.99 (Review)

Physics puzzling is the pure definition of Blosics, the port of the popular flash game brought to iOS by FDG. In this, you’ll be posed with knocking down hundreds of block structures with different types of balls. Starting with a weak[er] ball, you’ll move through the easier levels while learning the mechanics of the game, and will later unlock the countless amount of other types of balls by collecting stars from each level. You’ll receive points within each level for knocking certain types of blocks out of the screen. These can be allocated towards purchasing expensive balls with destructive powers and will also be used to determine the amount of stars you’ll receive for each level. Once you collect enough for one star, you’ll be able to proceed to the next level or can continue playing to try and get the other two. The game is skinned with bright, colorful visuals while the amount of content is enough to keep you occupied and playing for hours on end.

The second iteration of this list will be posted tomorrow, check back for it! In the meantime, check out the above applications and post down below what exactly you think of them!