iPhone Alley Is Hiring! (It’s a Paid Job, Of Course)

As we are in the phases of preparing to re-launch iPhone Alley, redesigning each and every bolt of the site from the ground up, of course we realize the key to a well-oiled machine is to have a fantastic team working on it. Thus we are accepting applications to join a team of exceptional writers in our venture to become a perfectly well-rounded iOS site with up-to-the-minute iOS/iPhone/iPad/Apple news, unique article series, top-notch application and product reviews, all rounded out by enlightening editorials and a sharp wit; to name some of the vast array of topics we would like to cover. Intrigued to become part of an evolving team at a top-ranking technology blog centering around what is perhaps the hottest topic of our time? Continue reading to find out exactly what we are looking for and how to apply.


Superb writing style. First and foremost, we care about the quality of our writers. We need a team of editors at our helm that can engage a significant audience with pieces that are equal parts informing and entertaining; we value strong, unbiased opinions and relevant comedic wit. Our style has shaped into one that rivals other technology blogs since we not only cover news, but go beyond it. Let’s bring it to the next level together.

Genuine interest. While iPhone Alley pays its editors well, we want our editors to care about their work foremost and for that you need to have a passion for technology, Apple’s products, blogging, writing, interacting with our community. Do not apply if your main concern is the paycheck (although we do certainly pay above minimum wage).

Knowledgeability. Without knowing the ins-and-outs of a subject, it is impossible to appropriately write about it on a deep level. If you would need to look up any of the following terms to write a couple of sentences about each, then this job is probably not a good fit for you: Retina Display, A6, Xcode. (We made this too easy…)

A total grasp of English. Proper writing requires proper, perfect grammar. Yes, commas do matter. Please only apply if English is your first language.

Communication. We value having a team that can work with one another on both a friendly and professional level. This includes being available to discuss site affairs and being easily reachable.

Hours are flexible; this is a work-at-home job.

Positions Available:

News Editor i (iPhone, iPad, iOS, Apple): Cover news regarding iPhone, iPad, iOS, and Apple as it happens. As anybody familiar with the technology industry’s pace could tell you, there is a lot of news about these topics every day. Candidates must have a sharp skill for actively watching and finding news as it breaks. Ability to work mornings and afternoons is recommended.

News Editor A (App & game news, releases, sales): Cover the release of new applications, app updates, notable sales, and whatever else seems to stand out in the realm of the App Store. Ability for strong text interviews is a plus (though not necessary) as is a keenness for finding gems in the crowded App Store. Candidate should be able to compile lists when necessary.

News Editor P (Products): Cover new product releases that stand out.

App/Game Critic: Review apps and games from a critical, informed standpoint. Requires a vast knowledge of judging criteria and familiarity with a sizable selection of the App Store. This position includes big releases as well as anything worthwhile that may be found worth bringing to light.

Product Critic: Review iPhone/iPad/iPod cases, accessories, and whatever unique products come our way. Also requires a vast knowledge of judging criteria and familiarity with the majority of products available.

Editorial Writer: Write pieces with a strong, informative opinion about the Apple landscape and topics surrounding it.

Giveaway Manager: Strike deals with developers for application promo codes to give out to our community. Requires excellent email communication skills and organization.

Article Image Designer: Provide editors with speedy, clever quality original images for articles when seen fit for an article.

Note: Editors should have some degree of skill editing images for use in articles, although this is not a deal-breaker.

A candidate can take on multiple positions if desired.

This is a general list, we can create opportunities as seen fit. Candidates with a knack for creativity as well as those with an ability to create regular unique article series that are sustainable week-after-week are highly valued.

How to Apply:

Shoot an email over to msd@iPhoneAlley.com containing:

- Name, age, location (Please be honest, we do not discriminate based on this information.)

- Past job experience, including any sites you may have managed/written for.

- Position(s) you’re applying for – We recommend aiming for more than one.

- Hours and days available.

- Any written work you’ve done in the past you feel we should review.

- Active on any forums? Send us your profiles to review.

- Complete at least one of the samples below in no less than 300 words; optional at this point but recommended unless your application already includes experience writing about the topics we have outlined:

|Report on a news article, review an application, and/or review a product in your interpretation of the style we are looking for.

|Formulate an original editorial piece regarding the iPhone, iPad, iOS, or today’s current technological landscape.

Candidates that pass the initial application criteria will be asked for specific samples regardless, so it certainly helps to complete one or all of the options above before sending in your application. Exemplary sample work may be published on iPhone Alley, in which case editors will receive compensation.

Please excuse the site’s current appearance, it has been through a lot since its days as one of the top iOS sites on the Internet.

We will be restoring iPhone Alley to an even more prestigious newfound glory, and we look forward to building the team that will take let us take the site to the new levels we aspire to reach. Thanks for reading through this, and more importantly thank you for applying!