iPhone Alley App of the Week #1

Although our staff here at iPhone Alley doesn’t get to review every single worthwhile application that undoubtedly bombard the App Store each and everyday, we keep an eye out for those that promise potential. Our limited number of reviews isn’t reflective of our eyes that are constantly searching the broad confines of the App Store. Below is our pick for the best application to be released on the App Store this week.

And our app of the week for this week is…




Duckers (free)

Retro Dreamer has packed tons of titles under their belt. They’ve ventured from one corner of the App Store’s extensive number of genres to another showing their professional game-developing abilities that surpass those of many other developers. The indie development team have been at the helm of many successful projects including Sneezies, Velocispider and more. To add to that list, they recently launched Duckers, an endless runner digger.

Initially you’ll control a cute, blue duck which is appropriately dubbed Ducker. You’re posed with utilizing the duck’s fast digging abilities to mine deep into the earth through many different types of terrain. The object? To collect every valuable gem that you come across for additional points.

An augmentation to the endless genre of the App Store, Duckers starts you off well. The good controls scheme is easy to get a hang of within the few minutes of playing – you simply drag downwards in the desired direction to propel Ducker at a set speed through the earth. Along the way, you’ll encounter enemies and obstacles each threatening to end your game.

Many upgrades are available for purchase using the game’s in-game currency. While these are mostly cosmetic, such as apparel for the three different characters you can eventually play as, there are some beneficial items such as boosts that can be purchased as well.

Duckers is a true marvel among other endless games as it applies a new twist to a common formula. Needless to say, the artwork with which each sprite and background have been created are as alluring as the game’s unique premise. You can check our Duckers on the App Store completely free today.

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