iPhone Alley App of the Day – June 1, 2012

Although our staff here at iPhone Alley doesn’t get to review every single worthwhile application that undoubtedly bombard the App Store each and everyday, we keep an eye out for those that promise potential. Our limited number of reviews isn’t reflective of our eyes that are constantly searching the broad confines of the App Store. Below is our pick for the best application of today.

And our app of the week for this week is…




Monkey Ninja ($0.99)

Donuts are good..real good. And so are games produced by Donut Games, a leading developer of casual titles for iOS. Recently they were behind the helm of yet another project. Dubbed Monkey Ninja, the game tasks you with leading a stealthy money, dressed in ninja cosmetics, to the end of a level while navigating past many different types of obstacles.

The premise is augmented by the inclusion of different types of abilities. Depending on the obstacles that populate a level – whether it’s spikes, lasers, hazardous blocks, lava or a combination – the protagonist will be equipped with one special perk to aid in passing the level.

Starting easy, the difficulty of the 240 total levels increase rapidly. Soon the game becomes an inextricable mess of desperate, strategic tapping and retrying. Although the game comes packed to the brim with content, each level varies satisfyingly from one another.

As long as you fancy some minimalistic artwork and simple gameplay, Monkey Ninja is yet another engrossing casual title from Donut Games that without a doubt is worth its $0.99 asking price.

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