iPhone Air, Mockup of Possible Next-Generation iPhone

With Apple’s annual press conference just around the bend, the iPhone 5 rumors are in full-swing. You’re probably sick of them, as am I, but this mockup (below) by Italian designers, Ciccarese Design is slick enough to compensate for the disappointment by yet another rumor entering the rumor mill.

Meet the mockup, dubbed iPhone Air:

The supposed next-generation iPhone, depicted in both black and white versions, sports a teardrop design (thicker at top, progressively thinner as you go down), an edge-to-edge display and an aluminum body design. It’s certainly one of the best mockups the iOS community has been faced with since the launch of the iPhone.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind the thin body and edge to edge display, but the teardrop design couldn’t really be of much help other than providing a spin off of the current design of the iPhone and of course helping the overall presentation of the phone. Yeah it’ll be fine holding it in portrait orientation, but what about landscape? Wouldn’t the different thicknesses get on your nerves? Everything else does match what the iPhone 5 is supposed to look like, though, come this September, so we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple is waiting to reveal to us.

Though it’s one of the nicer mockups we’ve seen in recent times, I wouldn’t count on the design making it to Apple’s press conference this September. Various, probable, iPhone 5 cases have been spotted recently, not featuring specifications to accommodate iPhone Air’s teardrop design.

So, the final impression expectations land on your heads. Would you purchase a device like so?

[Via RazorianFly]