iPhone 5 Worst Smartphone? Thus Sayeth Consumer Reports

There’s no disputing the fact that the iPhone is the greatest invention since…well…ever. But Consumer Reports begs to differ, at least when it comes to the iPhone 5, which for the moment is the most recent version of the greatest device known to mankind.

Never mind the fact that the iPhone 5 helped Apple take over the smartphone market. The consumer-minded magazine didn’t even rank the device in any of the top three slots in its February smartphone tallies.

When ranking the phone coupled with providers, the iPhone 5 enjoyed the third spot for both AT&T and Sprint, but didn’t even rank for Verizon Wireless. Other mobile devices, which shall not be named here, and which offer nothing even close to the same functionality as the iPhone mysteriously ranked better.

If one were to ask Consumer Reports, they’d find that Android devices supposedly rule the roost when stacked up against the iPhone, which we respectfully submit is a preposterous and irresponsible claim.

One may even go so far as to say that the magazine has turned traitor, given that in October, it happily chirped that the iPhone 5 would make a “worthy upgrade” and dubbed it yet “another winning smartphone from Apple, based on our initial review.”

So what has changed between now and then? Is the iPhone any less functional? No.

Are the competing phones anywhere near as functional and powerful as the iPhone?

Although in full disclosure we have not reviewed the other models–and quite frankly wouldn’t touch an Android or BlackBerry device with a ten-foot pole while wearing industrial-strength medical gloves–we are willing to bet the answer is in the negative.

We have to wonder if Consumer Reports evaluated the facts, or fell into the “Oooh, shiny!” factor that users of other (and lesser) devices have obviously fallen victim to.  Facts like:

  • The iPhone provides effortless syncing of contacts, music and photos.  In our experience, both Android and BlackBerry devices do offer sync capabilities, but with a lot more effort and four-letter words involved.
  • Apple doesn’t play games with its updates. It seems that an iOS update comes along at regular intervals. BlackBerry users don’t seem to enjoy that. Android users, especially those on Verizon Wireless, must be like dogs waiting for a bone when it comes to upgrades like, oh, say, Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Consumer preference clearly rests with iPhone. When was the last time customers lined up almost literally for miles in the middle of the night to get the latest Android device? Anyone? Bueller?  Bueller?

Hopefully, during its evaluation process, Consumer Reports truly evaluated the hard data.

How often is an Android device returned as compared to an iPhone? Did they conduct a side-by-side comparison with consumers when coming up with their latest little rankings? We’re willing to bet that had they done so the iPhone would have dominated, as well it should.

Obviously, we here at iPhone Alley are biased. Of course we’re going to defend the iPhone, and some of us will defend it to the death. Look, the iPhone is so wonderful that thieves are stealing it in record numbers.

One doesn’t often hear of an Android or BlackBerry device being stolen. Does that not say something?  Android is supposedly so great that it defeats iPhone, according to Consumer Reports, but even thieves don’t want it, at least statistically speaking.

Ever since the iPhone debuted in 2007, it has proven itself to be the best at everything it does. Have there been detours along the way? Of course, but there have been far fewer problems than with Android or BlackBerry.

It would truly be educational to hear from Consumer Reports as to why they would make such ridiculous claims.

The problem is that the magazine didn’t back up its claims and tell readers why they went the way that they did, and that calls their judgement–or lack thereof–into question. A cell phone is an important decision, given that we pretty much have our lives on these devices.

If someone is going to try to turn people away from the iPhone, they better have a good reason, and Consumer Reports gave none. That act of cowardice and shining example of poor journalism should speak volumes, and, quite frankly, render their findings null and void.

As near as we can tell, they made their decision based on the admittedly problematic mapping service, but they ignore the fact that those issues have been resolved. Maybe we should, in all fairness, then point out that there have been numerous claims of bias against the magazine by people in the know, including a well-respected scientist.

Because Consumer Reports didn’t back itself up by offering rational reasoning, iPhone fans can easily dismiss the latest rankings as empty, meaningless cries from an obsolete magazine that is clearly trying to regain its long-lost glory on the back of the greatest mobile device that ever has been or ever will be invented.

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