iPhone 5: What’s New? (Our Extensive List/Upgrade Roundup)

Just moments ago, Apple has pulled the curtain off of the very hotly-anticipated next generation of iPhone. As expected, the device does carry the name of iPhone 5. While being the “most beautiful iPhone yet,” it also claims the title of thinnest, lightest, and fastest in more ways than one while taking the jump to a bigger, better 4″ display. Join us after the break for a very extensive list of specifics on the stunning iPhone 5.


What you need to know:

It’s a two-toned glass and aluminum beauty of a phone,

a marvel and standard of design. Apple exclaims that it was designed to a precision that they claim has never been attempted in the industry. Senior Vice President of Apple Phil Schiller remarks, “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the hardware and software engineering that have gone into this product is unlike what we’ve ever undertaken before.Available in black with darkened metal highlights or a white design accented by silver aluminum.




It’s gone on a diet,

sporting not only an 18% thinner profile at 7.6mm, but also a 20% reduction in weight scaling in at 112 grams, a calorie-cutting diet of “Apples” has made the fifth iteration of iPhone the thinnest and lightest yet. 

Yet the Retina Display has grown,

bringing with its growth a size jump from a 3.5″ display to a 4″ display. It features the same width as the 3.5″ display on every iteration to this point, growing taller to become a 16:9 aspect ratio (the same as an HDTV). Retina density remains at an ink-sharp 326ppi with the extended 1136×640 resolution. 4″ gives it enough space to display five rows of icons instead of four, to put the size difference into perspective.

Display improvements don’t stop at size,

the new 4″ Retina Display has perhaps an even more significant 44% increase in color saturation, allowing it to cover the sRGB color spectrum. This means that colors will be noticeably more vibrant while also maintaining an additional amount of accuracy.

Glare is also seeing (pun…) a reduction,

as the capacitive touch layer is integrated directly into the display, there is also a reduction in the amount of glare that will reflect off of the screen, and the display has become even sharper to boot.

“Ultrafast Wireless” brings blazing 4G LTE,

in a very advanced wireless package, GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, HSPA, HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, and LTE are all data networks accessible by iPhone 5. It switches antenna connections automatically for the superior reception first seen in iPhone 4S. AT&T and Verizon will support LTE 4G in the U.S., for theoretical speeds of up to 100mbp/s.

As an A6 provides blazing performance,

iPhone 5 is more of a powerhouse than ever before. Both the CPU and graphics are boasting a 2x speed increase across the board as the chip itself becomes 22% smaller and more energy efficient…

Which also brings improved battery life,

making it last quite a while longer than you could hope iPhone 4S would depending on usage. iPhone 5 claims two hours of additional 4G/3G web browsing for an impressive eight hours, although similar numbers for movies and music as its predecessor.

Shooting in the dark goes a step further,

as the camera features a dynamic low-light mode that can provide up to two f-stops of superior low-light performance although otherwise remains very similar save for a 40% faster image shutter and a -

With a Sapphire lens crystal covering the camera sensor,

which is said to be more durable, providing clearer images and videos.

Ultra-wide images can be taken with a built-in panorama feature,

removing artifacts and stitching together multiple images for 28 megapixel masterpieces.

Prettier/uglier faces with HD FaceTime,

as the front-facing camera is upgraded to a 720p backside illuminated sensor.

Three mics make sound more natural,

with a back microphone utilized for noise cancellation and each speaker’s 5-magnet transducer and “wide-band audio.”

Dock connector gets the “Lightning” micro downsize treatment,

bringing all-digital charging to the iPhone that requires less precision to plug in. An adapter will be available for old accessories.

Pricing remains the same,

$199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and 64GB is still $399 on-contract.

Start lining up,

pre-order iPhone 5 September 14 in time for its release on September 21.


That’s the radically new iPhone 5, leaving no detail untouched.