iPhone 5 to appear on Top 4 Networks?

Let’s play devils advocate for a moment. Now that Verizon has the iPhone, who’s to say that the other carriers won’t be scrambling for their chance at selling the iPhone on their network. Now that the much anticipated and rumored Verizon iPhone is now in existence, we should start some speculation about other networks gaining the iPhone 5.

Since Apple is no longer bound to just AT&T, they should have the freedom to offer the iPhone to other networks. The Sprint network is similar to the Verizon network so that would be an easy fit. And, with T-Mobile’s mass advertising about the largest 4G network they would be a great fit if the iPhone 5 was 4G compatible.

If Apple allowed the iPhone to be sold by all major carriers then there is no question the iPhone would completely saturate the cell phone market. Currently all the androids/smartphones on the market make up a little over the total of iPhones. If iPhones were available by the major carriers then more people would choose them over other androids/smartphones.

Only time will tell whether this may actually happen but I don’t think it is too off base to imagine. Apple is always looking for a way to creep deeper into the pockets of consumers, they’d be silly not to move in this direction.