iPhone 5 Picture or a Decent Fake?

About a week ago, I came across someone purportedly¬†claiming to have a picture of an iPhone 5 prototype. Admittedly, the first time I saw the person’s thread and read through it, there were too many oddities surrounding the image, but to be fair it may be in a case a la iPhone 4 prototype found in a bar. Rereading it today, I did see a small glimmer that this could really be an iPhone 5 prototype that somebody had their hands on for one reason or another.

There aren’t any major problems with the story, though one would have to wonder if Apple would let new devices be tested internationally during the extremely rare times that they are. It does not sound any less likely than the infamous iPhone 4 bar story, to be blunt. A guy with a BlackBerry on a bus sees a guy next to him playing Angry Birds on a new iPhone and takes a picture. He also claims that the back of the phone displayed “XX-GB.”

Coinciding with two rumors, the picture does carry a small amount of weight. The screen looks slightly bigger and the bezel reduced as the rumors (including one of our exclusives) that are shaping expectations state. The bumper may be covering the new antenna design that iPhone 5 has been reported to feature.

Since it’s unlikely that this is really an iPhone 5, posting the photo is just for discussion. Better to take a chance with what could be just a decent fake rather than ignore it in case it wasn’t meant to deceive, especially since there have not been many supposed “iPhone 5″ images. Plus not many have taken notice of the forum post for speculative reasons, including the main MacRumors site.

[via MacRumors Forums]