iPhone 5 Going for Up to $2,000 on eBay Amidst Diminishing Stock

Those lucky enough to snag first-day preorders, are you sure that tomorrow when your iPhone 5 is delivered, glistening in newness, that you want to break open the plastic seal and begin enjoying it at that very moment? That is, when somebody else that was not among the first to order at 3am could have it instead… for a steep premium that goes directly into your wallet.

As new buyers will have to wait around for a month or more to receive an iPhone 5 from Apple’s online store, they are turning to a more proven source for the impatient that need to be an early adopter: eBay. With auction prices fluctuating, sellers can expect to make anywhere from $800-2,000 for giving up the privilege of owning an iPhone 5 at launch. Final price largely depends on how many buyers also decide to go along with trying to fetch a pretty penny for their new phones as well as storage capacity. We have seen a 64GB iPhone 5 go for as much as $2,000 – although that amount seems to be an exception. The average for a 64GB model averages at closer to $1,200.

Only one other option exists for buyers to find an iPhone 5 this weekend: to brave retail lines and low stock. Frustrated, much of the persistent bunch will be heading home to check eBay undoubtedly after a long day across town.

Keep in mind that the actual retail price of iPhone 5 ranges from $650-$850 based on model, carriers subsidize it when you sign a two-year service contract. Thus you will have to either pay an early-termination fee or a discounted/full price for the phone that replaces the eBay-sold iPhone. If you do decide to go ahead with parting ways with it for the moment, go ahead and put your iPhone 5 up for sale on eBay tomorrow (September 21) for maximum value. Despite how much the price can fluctuate from auction-to-auction, this should be a profitable affair either way.

Convinced yet that tearing open the box the second you receive your iPhone 5 may not be the best idea? Let us know what you decide to do as a first-day owner.