iPhone 5 Drops to Fifth-Best in User Satisfaction Poll

Apple devices have long since dominated user satisfaction polls in the US, but the trend may be reaching a turning point.

According to a study conducted by mobile research firm OnDevice Research, Apple finished behind four Motorola devices which include the top-ranked Atrix HD followed by Droid Razr M, HTC’s Rezound 4G and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. The survey polled 320,000 mobile users from six different countries: US, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Indonesia. The biggest find was that of the 93,825 users polled in the US, we saw a dip in favorable user satisfaction scores.

“Although Apple created one of the most revolutionary devices of the past decade, other manufacturers have caught up with some Android powered devices now commanding higher levels of user satisfaction,” said Sarah Quinn, Marketing Manager for OnDevice Research.

In the study, US mobile users reported a lower satisfaction rate with Apple (8.23) than with Antrix HD (8.57) and three others of which dropped in scores between the two devices.

It may come as a hard pill to swallow for Apple, considering user satisfaction has been the company’s bread and butter for the last few decades. Many speculate the sway of public opinion is due in large part to the affordability of new devices, which are offered at a lower price point than that of Apple devices and have much of the same features.

Still, the survey tabbed Apple as the top company on an aggregate level, beating out Google with its Nexus devices and Motorola. The findings also showed that Samsung oddly ranked at the very bottom in user satisfaction, a mystery that has yet to be solved.

The least mysterious observation the study found was that if a mobile device has 4G capability, than it shot up the user satisfaction rankings. The top five devices in the study were all 4G capable devices.

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image credit: TheVerge.com