iPhone 5 Clone Running Android 4.0

Yes, the headline is written correctly: there is a device that looks exactly like Apple’s iPhone 5, runs Android 4.0 and which seems to have the familiar iOS 6 icons iPhone fans are familiar with.

It’s the Chinese knockoff of the iPhone 5 called Goophone i5, which we have to admit is a brilliant piece if one is looking to own a device that runs Android 4.0.

The technical specifications for this device are as follows: there is a 1GHz, dual-core CPU MTK6577, and it has a 4-inch multi-touch display with 854 × 480 pixels resolution, which supports up to five simultaneous touches.

Also, its storage capacity is 16GB, it sports 1GB of RAM, and it has a 8MP rear and 1.3 MP front cameras. It connects with a user’s computer via its Lightning connector.

If the technical features aren’t convincing enough, here are some additional differences we noticed while watching the video introducing the iPhone 5 clone: the camera and flash are different from the real iPhone 5, and there are Android-like “share” and “basket” buttons.

The manufacturers even implemented the panorama function into the iPhone 5 clone.

The Goophone i5 is available for sale in Hong Kong, and the device was recently spotted in Italy. Not only that, but customers can purchase one on eBay right now for about $320.

Check out the video presentation here.

Written by Istvan Fekete; Edited by Mike Crook & Michael DeLisi