iPhone 5 – Bigger Screen?

As always, the impending launch of new Apple products causes the rumor mill to run overtime. Approaching the release of the iPhone 5, people are talking about how this phone will differ from the previous versions. Screen size has been the topic of recent rumors. Earlier iPhones all had a 3.5″ screen size. As other Android phones are pushing the envelope in screen size, Apple will need to keep up. The Samsung Infuse boasts a huge 4.5″ screen and even bigger the new Dell Streak blasts a 5″ screen. The unconfirmed rumors suggest Apple may increase the iPhone 5′s screen to 4 inches. If this is true, the entire face of the phone will change. The home button may be eliminated to accommodate the bigger sized screen while keeping the overall size of the iPhone similar to past models.

If you’re not sure if a half an inch would make a big difference to you look at this comparison and decide for yourself.