iPhone 5 Announcement on Oct. 4?

According to an article from All Things Digital from sources close to the situation, Apple is planning a media day for Tuesday, Oct. 4.  Granted how many times this year have heard different rumors about when they’re going to announce the new phone?

This still leaves the question of when will you be able to buy the new phone.  The source that spoke to All Things Digital said the plan was to have the phone for sale “within a few weeks.”  Sounds like the iPhone 5 will be THE Christmas present this year!

One thing I’m still wondering about is when the new iOS will be available.  I’ve been looking forward to it since the announcement in June and it still hasn’t been released.

This media announcement is not only important to Apple fans and customers, but also to the company as a whole.  This announcement will be the first since Steve Jobs resigned and Tim Cook and Apple will have to reassure customers, stockholders and the audience that he is capable of being CEO and will continue to grow and better the company.

With any source, we don’t know if the facts are 100 percent correct but one date you can mark on your calendar for news about the iPhone 5 is Oct. 4!