iPhone 3G’s “Yellow” Display Is By Design

Since getting their new iPhone 3Gs, many users have complained that the displays may be defective. Users reporting the issue have noticed a “yellowish” color when compared with the original iPhone which had a cooler blue tint. However, according to Apple, the “defect” may actually be by design.

Jason Snell of Macworld had a chance to talk with Bob Borchers, Head of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing regarding the matter. According to Bob, the iPhone’s “warmer” color is by design and most certainly differs from the original which was a cooler blue. In order to make the change, Apple chose a to move the white point in order to produce a more natural color. This, according to Borchers, is more pleasing to consumers when viewing photos and other media.

While this is technically a software adjustment made to the iPhone’s color profile, it is not able to be adjusted by consumers. On your Mac, it’s fairly easy to make changes to the white point and other color settings, however the iPhone isn’t as customizable. Borchers did suggest that Apple may make the adjustment available in a future software update if demand is high, although there are no plans to do so.

[via Macworld]

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