iPhone 3G’s “Plastic” Actually Stronger Than Aluminum iPhone?

Being that the original iPhone had an aluminum back panel, one might assume that it would hold up significantly better to wear and tear than the new iPhone 3G. However, the exact opposite may be true. Information has been found that may hint that the new plastic back panel of the iPhone 3G is actually not plastic at all, but a significantly stronger substance.

As you probably remember, BlendTech recently published their latest installment of “Will it Blend?”, which featured one of their blenders blending an iPhone 3G. However, someone with a keen eye has pointed out that the iPhone 3G actually blended up a lot less than the original iPhone. The 3G still had the back plate partially intact, while the old iPhone’s aluminum plate was reduced to complete dust. This could just be luck, it does seem awfully unusual.

As it turns out, Apple has never really stated that the plastic back of the device actually is “plastic”. In fact, they filed a very interesting patent, #20060268528 for an unusually strong substance described as a ceramic-like hybrid of zirconia and Yttrium hybrid with an added silicon coating applied “on the exterior surface to prevent cracking and protect the ceramic shell from undesirable forces as for example when the ceramic shell is dropped.”

While there is no actual confirmation that this is true, it is possible that the iPhone 3G might be made of this super-strong ceramic substance. If so, then the iPhone 3G’s back plate is a lot cooler than we thought.

[via Macenstein]

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