iPhone 3G Haunted By Steve Jobs Auctioned On eBay By Crazy Person

iPhone 3G Haunted By Steve Jobs Auctioned On Ebay By Crazy Person

So you think your new iPhone 3G is so great, eh? It’s all shiny and new and can run on significantly faster 3G networks. You plated it in gold? Great. It’s still nothing compaired to this guy’s iPhone 3G. He claims that his iPhone 3G is being haunted by effing Steve Jobs himself.

He claims that when he got his iPhone 3G and opened the box, he was surprised to find that it was already turned on. He was even more surprised to find that it apparently had a creepy image of Steve Jobs “burned” onto the screen, which was burning hot to the touch.

When I opened the package.

The phone was on.

There were no cute buttons, no touch screen. (NEVER touch the screen, I’ll tell you why later on.)

Instead, there was a blurry image of Steve Jobs burned into it. At first I didn’t recognize it at all, my brother told me he was sure it was Steve Jobs. We looked through some pictures online and we are pretty sure the image is that of Steve Jobs.

I tried to rub it off thinking it was a joke, but the screen was SUPER HOT. I pretty much burned my fingers and as I type this, the middle and ring fingers on my right hand barely feel the keys on this keyboard. Never ever touch the screen of this ipod. The sides are cool room temperature, but the screen is intensely hot.

The image doesn’t move, it’s burned on so its not on the LCD. The LCD doesn’t even turn on. However the sound does work, and occasionally (ussually when someone is looking at it or talking about it, but it might be a coincidence)
The iPhone chuckles, loudly!

Steve Jobs just laughs at me. Over and over and over. I’ve had it for a day and it hasn’t run out of batteries. The sound still works. It laughs while I sleep. It laughs at me in the car. At work. Everywhere.

I was going to return it, but maybe someone is interested in this haunted piece of technology.

So what did he decide to do with it? Why, toss it up for auction on eBay, of course! Yeah, this is definitely a fake, but he doesn’t think so and it can be yours for just $8,180,000.50!

[via Geekologie]

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