iPhone 3G Getting Bad Reception? You’re Certainly Not Alone.

New iPhones around the world are encountering terrible reception with 3G and edge, and this issue is causing quite the raucous ruckus.

From Los Angeles to Miami, Portugal to the cliffs of England, people are complaining about the slow internet and oftentimes as much as the inability to make or even maintain a phone call. So far there have been no explanations, but plenty of theories have been cast around.

For a look at the Apple forum discussion on this, go here.

To sum it up:

• There is no conclusive answer
• 3G may just be overwhelmed
• iPhone may just have a terrible antenna (other AT&T phones work just fine)
• Some are claiming a ‘poor batch’ of iPhones being sold early on
• Apple has yet to make claims of hardware issues

Update: Gearlog has found mention of questionable 3G reception 600 times in Apple’s discussion boards. IN HowardForums there have been 526 comments from people having 3G woes, as well as 215 comments on Engadget, 131 on MacTalk Australia, 58 on iPhone Forums Germany, 24 on the O2 Customer Forums, and 10 comments on Gearlog itself.

The issues appear to be affecting some but not all devices. The discussion on Engadget seems to point toward restoring an iPhone 3G from an older 2G iPhone as the cause, although nothing conclusive has been found yet.

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