iPhone 3G Battery Life Comparable To Competitors

Apple said that the iPhone 3G had overall slightly worse battery life than the first iPhone due to it’s 3G network capabilities, but they may still have understated it. While it is true that it has worse battery life than before simply because it does run on the 3G network for data, it still maintains higher battery life than most 3G-capable phones currently on the market.

According to Apple’s tests, the iPhone 3G’s battery allows for 5 hours of talk time, which interestingly uses the same 3G technology as the data. They also note that compared to the original iPhone, they both run the same amount of time if both using 2G networks, not surprisingly.

In a study by PC World, the new iPhone 3G’s battery life tested better than that of some of it’s leading 3G competitors. The Samsung Instinct was the closest, ranking at just 5 minutes below the iPhone 3G, followed by the HTC Touch Dual and the LG EnV (which runs on EVDO).

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Still, some have been experiencing mediocre battery life on their new iPhone 3Gs, like myself, but it’s probably because of all the time spent playing with the new apps.

[via PC World]

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