iPhone 3G Ad Banned From UK For Misleading Network Speeds

Yet another iPhone 3G ad has been banned in the UK for misleading advertising. Not long after the first ad was banned for claiming that the iPhone access to “all parts of the internet”, we heard that Apple had changed the wording to their ad ‘Vicinity’ from saying the new iPhone was “twice as fast” to just being “really fast”. Unfortunately it looks like that wasn’t enough.

The ASA claims that they have received 17 complaints about the ad from users who “believed it exaggerated the speed of the iPhone 3G.” And they’re probably right. Apple’s defense was that the claims in the ad were “relative rather than subjective”, and only supposed to be relative to the previous generation device. They also tried to safeguard against misconceptions by adding the text “network performance will vary by location”.

The banned ad:

While saying the iPhone is “really fast” is more subjective than “twice as fast” and in itself not too misleading, it’s difficult to show footage of all the neat things the iPhone can do in such a short time. Editing is required, making it look like everything is happening unrealistically fast, and causing some understandable misconceptions.

The ad has been banned for the time being, but it may be allowed back if Apple changes the wording accordingly.

[via BBC News]

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