iPhone 3.1 Update Brings Non-Destructive Video Editing, MMS Options, Other Improvements

Yesterday Apple seeded a beta of iPhone 3.1 to developers to test with their applications. Although not listed with release notes, iPhone 3.1 comes with quite a few noticeable improvements as well as bug fixes. Forum member 370GT pointed out that 3.1 now comes with the option to save edited video as a copy instead of overwriting the original. He also pointed out that the phone vibrates when you start moving icons, and Voice Control now works through bluetooth headsets. We’ve also noticed that boot time has been greatly improved.

Also noted yesterday, MMS is enabled by default in 3.1, although the required service option hasn’t been enabled by AT&T.

MacRumors also reports that 3.1 brings a “Fraud Protection” toggle for Safari in settings, new APIs for developers to access and edit videos, and OpenGL and Quartz improvements.

If you notice any other changes, feel free to bring them up in the comments!

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