iPhone 3.0′s Photo-Taking Capabilities Greatly Improved?

In the midst of countless rumors regarding the next iPhone’s camera capabilities, Gizmodo reports that iPhone 3.0 may bring improvements to the current iPhone’s camera. The folks at iPhones.ru took some side-by-side photos to compare between 2.2.1 and 3.0. The results show quite an improvement in sharpness and exposure. The adorable results of the comparison are below.

The interesting part is that iPhones.ru took about 30 shots to determine whether the marked improvement was due to a shaky hand or an actual difference in performance.

The difference is clear (no pun intended). The kitty on the right is much blurrier than the kitty on the left. If you check out the two additional images in our gallery below, you’ll note that the exposure is also greatly improved. Gizmodo points out that, as with dSLRs, it is possible for image quality to take a leap with software improvements.

If anyone’s played with 3.0, attach some images below!

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