iPhone 3.0 to Feature Tethering, MMS, Push Notifications, Copy & Paste, Background Processes?

Since its announcement yesterday, there’s been quite a bit of speculation about what new features iPhone 3.0 will bring. BoyGeniusReport claims to have some concrete info which points to MMS and USB and Bluetooth tethering as two features which will definitely be included in the new software.

MacRumors believes that we’ll see background processes in iPhone 3.0, which we’ve previously reported.

Writing on Daring Fireball, John Gruber asserts that a redesigned Home screen is in the works and will likely be a part of iPhone 3.0. Additionally Gruber has high hopes for the push notifications which developers had been promised at WWDC last year.

Gruber re-posts his predictions from Macworld earlier this year:

As for what might appear in iPhone OS 3.0, here’s my wish list. First, a new home screen app (a.k.a. SpringBoard), designed from the ground up for a system where users have a few dozen or more extra apps installed. Managing dozens of apps on the iPhone today is simply a pain in the ass. Second, maybe an answer to the question of where the background notification API is — you know, the one we were told at WWDC to expect a few months ago, but which we haven’t heard a word about since. And maybe — pretty please, Mr. Forstall, with sugar on top — copy and paste.

MacRumors believes that these predictions are very likely to manifest themselves in iPhone 3.0 along with copy & paste.

Additionally, there is some evidence that Apple has added support for magnetometers in Snow Leopard’s CoreLocation framework. This suggests the possible addition of a digital compass in a future iPhone, similar to the G1 Android.

We’ve heard quite a few predictions in the last day, but we just can’t get enough speculation. What are your predictions for iPhone 3.0?

[via MacRumors]

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