iPhone 3.0 To Bring Copy & Paste, MMS, Tethering, Spotlight, Landscape Email, Stereo Bluetooth, Notes Sync & More

At the iPhone OS 3.0 preview event today, Apple announced the inclusion of Copy & Paste in the upcoming 3.0 software update. MMS will also be coming in an update to the SMS app, which has been renamed to “Messages.” Additional features such as multi-photo emailing, landscape email, notes syncing, and Spotlight searching will also be included. The update will be available in the summer.

Cut, Copy, and Paste is likely the most anticipated feature available in iPhone 3.0. To select text to be copied, a user double taps on a word to bring up the copy/paste popup. Two draggable icons appear to customize the selection. Once text is copied, performing the same double tap in a text field and selecting paste will paste the text. Shaking the iPhone will present the user with an undo/redo option. Web content can also be copied from. Tapping once and holding on text will bring up the dialogue. Pasted material will retain any formatting.

Search is also coming to the iPhone in the form of Spotlight. Many of the core apps, such as Calendar, Mail, iPod, and Notes, all have search fields in them. Additionally, the Home screen now features a universal Spotlight search which will find both applications and content within certain apps (e.g. Mail, iPod, etc). Swiping to the left at the bottom of the Home screen brings up the Spotlight dialogue.

Due to the addition of MMS, the SMS application will now be called “Messages.” Photos, audio, and possibly video will all be supported in Messages. Individual or groups of messages can also be forwarded and deleted. Additionally, users can send contact and location information.

Additional new features mentioned:

  • Voice Memos app
    • Record voice memos, lectures, built in mic or external mic
    • can edit, trim and share memos over email and messages app
  • Calendar additions – Now supports CalDAV and subscriptions
  • Stock app – News stories & more stock details
  • Notes Sync using iTunes
  • Shake to shuffle for iPhone and iPod touch
  • WiFi auto-login for hotspots
  • Stereo Bluetooth is now supported
  • Anti-phishing in safari
  • Safari will also remember login credentials
  • Parental controls extended to Movies, TV Shows, and App Store apps
  • More languages
  • YouTube app can now log into your account to share and save favorite videos

During the Q&A session, Scott Forstall was asked about data tethering. He explained that Apple will be including laptop tethering in iPhone 3.0, although it will be up to carriers to implement.

iPhone 3.0 will be available to all iPhone owners in the summer. Some of the 3.0 features will be unavailable to original iPhone owners. iPod touch owners will need to pay a $9.95 upgrade fee.

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