iPad Spotted With Camera During Last Week’s Keynote, Confirms iPad Camera Rumors?

We were pretty disappointed when we saw that the much-awaited iPad didn’t have the front-facing camera we’ve been waiting so long to see, either in the iPad or one of their other non-laptop mobile devices. Now, despite confirmation of our dashed hopes from several hands-on reports, some photos are hitting the web that are re-kindling hope for a front-facing camera.

Most people who were actually at the Apple media event last week made no mention of seeing a camera on the iPad in Steve Jobs’s hands at the event, but a few pictures taken there show that there was in fact a glint of light where a camera would most likely be on the device. You can see it highlighted in the red square in the picture below.

After seeing the above photo, we went back to the video from last week’s keynote to see if we could spot the camera. Sure enough, it only showed up when light hit the sensor:

We also made sure that what we were seeing wasn’t just the Home button by going back a few frames to confirm that it was right side up. Adding to the rumors, Mission Repair claims to be in posession of an iPad frame, and the frame shows a space that is very obviously suited to fit a specific component that happens to be a camera. It’s also in exactly the same spot as the glint of light in the first photograph:

Hardmac claims to have the same part with the exact same hole, confirming the find:

Add to that the fact that support for a camera was found in the iPhone OS 3.2 software, and this rumor is starting to look like it might actually be something. It’s possible that Apple could include the camera on the Wi-Fi + 3G model, making the $130 upgrade price more palatable for most. It’s also possible that Apple might not include a camera at all, just as they did with the iPod touch. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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