iPad SDK Includes More Mentions of Video Chat & Camera With Flash, Zoom

We’ve been seeing lots and lots of references in the new OS 3.2 SDK betas about cameras and the ability to capture photo and video on the iPad, nearly to the point where it’s almost a certainty that some iPad will eventually have a camera. Now even more references have been found, this time supporting a front-facing iPad camera, video conferencing, and even zoom and a flash bulb.

Hidden within Apple’s private framework for controlling the camera is an API that checks to see if the device the OS is running on has things called “Zoom”, “Flash” and “FrontCamera”. Erica Sadun posted it among the code for PLCameraController.h:

Digging around elsewhere also uncovered two icons for the iPad that are equally if not more obvious, plainly intended for either accepting or declining an invitation to a video chat, as shown by 9to5 Mac:

If you’re waiting for more conclusive evidence of an iPad eventually having a front-facing camera for video chat, don’t hold your breath. It’s hard to get more obvious than this. The real question is what generation of iPad will get it. Remember, Apple didn’t announce a camera as one of the iPad’s features. Unless they make an announcement between now and when it launches, the first iPads probably won’t have one. For now, the ball is in their court.


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