iPad-Ready Apps, Images of iPad App Store Leaked

With only several days left until launch, Apple has been organizing an iPad-specific App Store in anticipation of the tablet’s release. According to MacRumors, iPad-only apps have begun to be approved and organized with lists showing several dozen applications with release dates as far back as March 19th.

The fact that the iPad-specific applications are ranked suggests that the applications are being downloaded/purchased at least on a limited basis (or at least internally), despite the lack of iPad availability for the general public. A report yesterday indicated that a number of these iPad-specific applications had temporarily appeared in Apple’s web-based ‘iTunes Preview’ App Store listing.

Early app prices seem to range from Free to $9.99 for the most part, with a few higher priced examples going as high as $14.99.
It’s important to note that all prices and descriptions may not be final as developers can make adjustments to these items at any time.

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