iPad Mini to Cost $329, Full Pricing Breakdown – iPA B)

Representing a likely-to-pan-out value, reports have begun pinning the iPad mini’s starting price at $329. For its 7.95″ glory, this is a price point that will fit it nicely in the market of budget tablets. We have the full rumored pricing breakdown after the break, so join us to see how much (or little) iPad mini will break the bank.

  • Starting WiFi-only capacity (16GB?): $329
  • Next Wi-Fi-only capacity (32GB?) : $429
  • Biggest WiFi-only storage capacity (64GB?): $529
  • WiFi + Cellular/4G (16GB?): $459
  • WiFi + Cellular/4G (32GB?): $559
  • WiFi + Cellular/4G (64GB?): $659

Note: Storage capacities are based on the current iPad and iPhone model lineup, iPad mini will be offered in three different capacities although it may not be the same range of 16GB-64GB.

$329 is still a far cry from the $199 Nexus 7 and 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, as well as Amazon’s $159 Kindle Fire. Nonetheless, it represents a tiny $29 premium over the current-generation iPod touch.

For $170 less than the 9.7″ iPad, is the price tag enough of a drop to entice a new buyer that may not have seen the iPad as worth the investment? Are you satisfied with the price enough for iPad mini to be an impulse purchase in the coming weeks?

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