iPad Mini Macbook Pro Case (NoteBook Case) Available for Purchase on US Retailer Fancy

One of our readers called it a wonderful design that should have been the primary look attributed to Apple’s treasured tablet. What? The previously unnamed case for the iPad 2 (and questionably/probably for the new iPad), that was available on two Japanese retailers, of which we posted about yesterday, has officially been dubbed the iPad NoteBook Case by US retailer Fancy. Turning your iPad into a mini version of Apple’s own Macbook Pro, the case is available online for a small $88 – a steal for such a seemingly priceless accessory to complement your wondrous tablet.

Fancy sells all kinds of things from apparel to food and now apparently iPad cases. Officially brought to our attention by our reader on Twitter (thanks Stuart/ @im_cre8tive!). We thought that the case was only available via Buy.com’s Japanese counterpart and alternatively through Amazon.jp, but we were obviously wrong.

Case on left, Macbook on right.

If you’d had your watchful eyes on this baby and simply couldn’t purchase it due to an evidently whopping shipping charge that was to accompany the purchase when placed under one of the two previously mentioned Japanese websites or because of its sold out status, consider yourself lucky; Fancy has them in stock.

Again, the cases are equipped with full keyboards that connect to your iPad via bluetooth, a housing area for you to securely position your device in landscape mode, a lithium-polymer battery and a few other features that coalesce to make an overall product that is shockingly similar to the Macbook Pro sold by Apple themselves. If you want to pick up a unit for yourself, go ahead and let us know how you like it. We’re tempted to get our grubby hands all over one as well.