iPad Mini Event Invitations May Be Delivered October 10, Release in November

Are we already on the cusp of another Apple keynote event? Reportedly, iPad Mini is coming soon – and press will know about its keynote announcement date in a little over a week as invitations start rolling out.

CNN’s Fortune Tech Apple 2.0 lays claim to having heard the date of October 10 for an iPad Mini keynote invitation to be sent to press. Coming from a source that is an Apple investor who has been able to confirm with fellow sources, they caution that the date may not pan out as they could not verify reliability. Nonetheless, an October timeframe is in-line with other reports so it seems like a likely possibility.

An October 10 invitation delivery date should lead to the keynote being the following week, with pre-orders going up days afterward. Conservatively, this would pin the release at before Black Friday although we expect it to precede the second week of November.

The iPad lineup’s first expansion, in the form of iPad Mini, has been widely expected for months to be unveiled sometime in October, in all its’ 7.85″ glory.

Now, we can sit and wait to see what the Hallmark-esque, ominous invitation looks like.