iPad Mini Could Take After iPod touch’s Thinness

10.1″ iPad’s little brother (or perhaps we should consider it a cousin) has been slimming down, working off those calories in vicious Temple Run sessions. The rumored iPad Mini could look quite distinct in comparison to the current model. It could be taking a significant reduction in all dimensions to become extremely minimal for a tablet of its class.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire may be blown-out to a flicker by iPad Mini’s slender appearance. Reports claim that iPad Mini will be reminiscent of iPod touch’s thickness, meaning that iPad Mini could be about 25% thinner than its bigger brother at around 7.2mm.

Another source firmly believes that iPad Mini gives off the appearance of a third-generation iPod nano. Sporting an aggressively tapered glossy metal design, iPod nano was a trendsetter that went on to inspire iPod touch’s casing.

iPad Mini will include 3G, although it may be sorely lacking in major features. Current reports would lead us to believe that iPad Mini will not include a Retina Display, rather simply a 1024×768 display that echoes the original’s resolution. A lower-resolution display requires less battery life, giving Apple the flexibility to reduce its size footprint.

Current release is set to be on a date sometime prior to the holidays. Foxconn will produce the tablet in Brazil, beginning in September as rumor has it.

[via TechCrunch]