iPad HD for Pro Market and Brand New iPhone Design This Fall?

The next iPad may not even technically (no pun intended) be the iPad 2′s successor. Instead, it could introduce a new model into the iPad lineup suited for more professional and technologically-enamored users if tech blog This is my next… is to be believed. Rather than adopting a Pro moniker such as used in the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro branding, such an iPad would simply be iPad HD.

Of course, the display is typically what makes a device high-definition, and iPad HD would have a huge boost to a 250dpi resolution, 2048×1536. That makes it just shy of the 300dpi Retina Display spec. As iPhone 4 demonstrates, anybody can benefit from such a high-resolution, though iPad HD will be specifically-marketed to the photo and video industries. A powerful application in Apple’s professional software suite, likely Final Cut or Aperture, will be released at the same time.

Why the addition of an improved screen could be the sole reason for iPad HD’s existence boils down to cost. A 2048×1536 display, possibly OLED, is much more expensive to produce than the mundane 1024×768 resolution that the current iPad and iPad 2 displays (and most other 9.7″ tablet displays) utilize. Speedier hardware could accompany the new screen, particularly since a higher resolution requires more performance.

To put a 2048×1536 resolution into perspective, a 1080p movie is a resolution of 1920×1080, so the iPad HD would ironically be capable of displaying more detail than HDTVs currently available for consumer purchase.

Before bringing a doubled resolution display to the consumer iPad line, only a small selection of apps would actually take advantage of the iPad HD, thus why Apple would make iPad HD specifically aimed towards a much smaller market than the standard model. It is going to take more time for iPad apps to transition to such a high resolution than the transition towards Retina Display iPhone apps because of the requirements and limited ownership, but it’s partly preparation for the standard market once newer generations are released.

The report also mentions a redesigned thinner, lighter iPhone 5, delayed due to production issues and coming in fall as well. iPhone 5 is set to feature a brand new design and an upgrade to a larger 3.7″ display.