iPad 3 Rumor Roundup

With the introduction date now officially upon us, it’s time for some serious speculation as to what we’re likely to see come this Wednesday when the iPad 3 will be announced. Below we’ve compiled information regarding the most up to date and most probable rumors.




Retina Display

Macrumors recently got their hands on a display supposedly used in the production of this year’s iteration of Apple’s iPad. Though it couldn’t be powered on, a close examination of the display in comparison to the current iPad 2′s display showed one thing: the new iPad, if the display was in fact authentic, would have a retina display like Apple’s other iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch (4th generation). Examining the device showed that the new display had clusters of 4×4 pixels while the iPad 2′s display had a 2×2, which means the purported bigger brother, which is being introduced this Wednesday, will have a resolution twice of that of the current iPad’s. You can see the original article from Macrumors linked to above.


New Processor

This rumor is not just specific to the iPad, but however to the future of all iOS devices. It was rumored that the iPad would have an A5X processor, but it may, on the contrary, have an A6 chip. References to a new processor were discovered after delving deep into iOS. A new chip, referred to as S5L8950X is included in the same code as the A5 chip that is regarded as S5L8940X. There’s no telling whether or not the new iPad could have an upgraded A5 chip or a quad-core processor as everyone is hoping for.






Slightly Altered Design

Discovered a little over a week ago Taiwan-based Next Media’s Apple Daily claims to have pictures showing a few technical specifications of the iPad 3 which will be introduced next week. One of the photos shows the iPad 3′s rear which depicts a slightly more tapered edge to the overall design. Another picture compares the design to that of the iPad 2′s and the previous 1st-generation iPad, which shows it’s much more tapered than the latter do. This new design changes another specification of the device, which is its rear camera. The current iPad sadly has a less than respectable camera, and the camera on this new design is larger going hand in hand with the assumption that the new camera will be 8 MP.



If you’re relying on the old amount of money to get you through purchasing a brand spanking new iPad 3 come next month, you may be wrong. A new spreadsheet discovered by Macrumors shows a rumored price increase in the next iteration of Apple’s tablets in comparison to previous generations of the device. The basic 16 GB WiFi iPad 3 will start at $579, which is an $80 hike from the iPad 2 in the same capacity. The 32GB Wi-Fi model is listed at $679, and the 64GB Wi-Fi version shows up as $779. A $70 price increase has been added to the current price of 3G models with the 16GB starting at $699 and the 64GB starting at $889. You can take the prices with a grain of salt considering they’re completely unverified, but we could see some sort of price increase with all of the rumored improvements taking a toll on the buy-in if they do materialize.

There’s no telling what will happen. Though it’s not very probable, heck, the iPad 3 could just be a simple camera upgrade over its predecessor, the iPad 2. We will keep you posted on any future developments as they arise if need be.