iPad 2 Video Review – The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For!

As a followup to our post about the iPhone 5 we now have found the iPad 2! Forget rumors, forget Apple’s supposed press conference in the summer: there is a video review online already! It corresponds and also proves wrong some of the rumors. Check it out!

Ok, if you saw our post the other day, then you would’ve known from the first few lines that this is just some humor yet again. No, that’s not the actual iPad 2, but instead a mockup pulled together by a YouTube enthusiast. My take is that it is just a sideways held Mac with some enlarged pictures from the iPad (evident from the stretched quality of the pictures) being controlled by the kid’s right hand underneath the mock.

The rumors of all the new iDevices have been raging lately with many contradicting one another, so I decided to post this. If you enjoyed it as much as I did (a lot), then please, by all means, post a comment down below! – what do you think the new iPad will include?