iPad 2 Forebodes What iPhone 5 Will Be Like

Apple CEO Steve Jobs surprisingly took the stage on Wednesday to announce the successor to the iPad, one of the fast-selling products ever, iPad 2. Featuring more changes than expected and hugely ahead of the tablet competition, Apple declared 2011 as “the year of the iPad 2.” Will this also be “the year of the iPhone 5″?

The features added and updates made to the iPad 2 are good indications of what we can expect the iPhone 5 to be like. The iPad 2 is a third thinner than its predecessor, with Apple claiming that its engineers will able to fit the same battery in the smaller chassis. Could this mean that Apple was at least able to create a denser lithium-ion battery? There is no way to tell until somebody has his or her hands on an iPad 2 and is brave enough to open it to check. If there is a denser lithium-ion battery within the iPad 2, then Apple would be able to work the same battery magic for the iPhone 5, so if the iPhone 5 keeps the same form factor, its battery life could be quite a bit better.

It is definitely a given that the iPhone 5 will include Apple’s impressive new A5 chip, which is a big leap forward for mobile performance. Boasting performance that is up to twice as fast as the A4 chip thanks to a dual-core ARM processor and graphics performance that is mind-blowingly up to nine times better, probably due to a new PowerVR GPU. It is rumored that the PowerVR GPU within the A5 chip is the same as the GPU used in the Sony PlayStation Portable 2. Since the PSP2 is such an impressive device, capable of optimized PS3 ports, the A5 will undoubtedly mean a lot for gaming and the iOS platform gaining many big titles.

It may be possible for speculation to stop on whether the iPhone 5 will release on both AT&T and Verizon at launch. iPad 2 models with either AT&T GSM support or Verizon CDMA support will be available at launch. If Apple was able to accomplish this feat for the iPad 2, the iPhone 5 should have no issues with simultaneous AT&T and Verizon launches, unless demand is way too high compared to the production pace. To much applause, Apple also mentioned how iPad 2 will be available in both black and white from day one. It seems like the white iPhone 4 will never be on shelves for the public’s order, but iPhone 5 will be in for dual color availability.

Judging just by what the iPad 2 forebodes, iPhone 5 will likely be another big iPhone revision. Doubled processing performance and nine times better graphics performance are pretty much set in stone, plus there is a possibility that iPhone 5 will have improved battery life. Of course, it is also likely that you will have your choice of an iPhone in a billion models: Verizon, AT&T, black, white, multiple storage capacities.