iOwn is a highly efficient inventory management app designed to help you keep track of, well, virtually everything you’re in possession of. In these current times of spastic disasters and moody insurance companies, someone with large amounts of valuables would love a pretty organization app like this. iOwn gives you the capability to inventory every room in your home and office, as well as anything in your car, safety deposit box, storage shed, and any other location you have in mind.

Once you enter the name of the area and the icon you want to represent it, you are then invited to categorize your items by sections, which the app refers to as “containers”. Once you record an item, not only can you enter details such as serial and model number, but you are given the option to add several photos of said item straight from your iPhone camera roll. Unfortunately these photos have to preexist, as there is no way to take them straight from the app.

Simply being able to list everything in such detail and to have it at your fingertips is very useful in itself, but with iOwn, the developers went a step further. Register at and you are then allowed to back up all the inventory that you’ve entered thus far. Just select the back up option from the app’s menu and in a few seconds all your data will be saved on an off-site server via wireless.

As user friendly and useful as this app is, the fact remains that average people who don’t have huge amounts of stuff to list may be turned off by the price. However, for someone who is moving, has to catalogue items for their job, or just has a lot of personal objects of importance, $4.99 is a small price to pay for what would be an invaluable addition to their app library.

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