iOS Virus Acquirable Through Safari Gaining Momentum

It seems a hacker has discovered a way to break into the iOS core from within Safari and is using the exploit to distribute a virus through it. The links that host the virus right now are advertised as sites that could unlock your device. The fake program uses the “UNLOCK NOW FREE” name as a disguise. However going to the link just erases all of the data on your iOS device and your SIM card. After tapping the link, ten to fifteen seconds later you’ll see “DOWNLOAD UNLOCK 2 NOW FREE” right before everything is erased.

Of course this could be potentially devastating, but on the bright side: your personal information isn’t stolen. It was only a matter of time before iOS viruses started popping up. Thankfully there have not been many and none have reached the potential that a virus on a smartphone (or a tablet, for that matter) is capable of.

All devices running iOS 4 are capable of acquiring the virus. Apple may (it isn’t confirmed) have blocked the virus’s access with iOS 4.3.2, but a significant amount of people do not update for minor updates so many are at risk.

It seems like a good idea to alert others of the potentially-harmful exploit. If you’re worried about accidentally coming upon this, then make sure to update all of your iOS devices.

[via Limera1n]