iOS Devices Could Include Mobile GPUs With Desktop Performance Soon

iOS devices currently contain a PowerVR GPU made by Imagination Technologies. PowerVR GPUs have long been the best in mobile-class GPUs, and the company just announced a new lineup that will leave the competition struggling to even attempt to catch up. The company’s new lineup of PowerVR GPUs is called Series 6 “Rogue.” Get this – the new lineup is claimed to perform twenty to a hundred times better than previous PowerVR GPUs, such as the series 5 PowerVR SGX 535 found in Apple’s all-in-one A4 chip which the current lineup of iOS devices utilizes.

Imagination Technologies was apparently able to put performance comparable to desktop GPUs in a package small enough and low-power enough, with only a single barely power-sipping milliwatt, to be practical for use in portable devices, such as the many cell phones and tablets that currently contain PowerVR GPUs. ST-Ericisson has already announced a chip with the blazing-fast new “Rogue” GPU in it, their Nova A9600, which is launching fairly soon.

The PowerVR “Rogue” GPUs seem like an obvious next step for Apple since they have been using PowerVR GPUs in mobile devices for years. The only question is whether the company was able to obtain enough PowerVR series 6 GPUs in time for production of the second-generation iPad and the fifth-generation iPhone. If so, the future of apps could have drastically better graphics. Looking at what was already capable with the current PowerVR SGX in the A4, such as the stunning graphics that Infinity Blade demonstrated, future games on devices with the superior PowerVR “Rogue” GPUs will be able to feature graphics that are similar in quality to that of modern-day console and PC games. If not, all signs point to Apple using similar or better GPUs in next year’s iOS device lineup.

[partially via Engadget]