iOS 6′s New Music Feature Everyone Will Be Talking About

It can be downright amusing to be apprised of Apple’s attention to detail, which ranges from simplicity, usefulness, or absolute whimsical. A new feature found in the redesigned Music app in iOS 6 is just that: an amusing case of a real-world design touch transitioning into the modern digital world.

The made-over Music app introduced in the iOS 6 beta includes a striking change to the volume slider – it is now a metallic brushed silver knob, reminiscent of some of the most stylish modern as well as retro audio hardware. It captures the beauty of those real-life sliders by dynamically refracting light as an iPhone is moved and tilted.

This is bound to be one of the most intriguing quirks users will find in iOS 6 that will more than likely prompt quite a few nostalgic and surprisingly-mesmerized responses.

This is akin to one of Apple’s recent most-effective visual enhancements, found in the brand new iOS 6-included Passport app. In the demonstration shown at WWDC 2012, perhaps the most memorable moment came from one of these intricately-unecessary yet oh so worthwhile details. “Passports/cards” in the Passport app are visually shredded in a quick, meticulous animation.

Necessary? No. Makes listening to music a little more, um, illuminating? Totally. This may just be one of the fruits of the close relationship between Apple and Pixar’s animating team…

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