iOS 6 to Include Facebook Integration?

A new report by TechCrunch claims that Facebook will be integrated into iOS’ core in the widely rumored iOS 6 similar to how Twitter is currently integrated.

Apple and Facebook have reportedly been in talks for some time now. In fact, Apple supposedly had Facebook fully geared up/integrated and ready to be deployed with iOS 4 two years ago – the iOS that introduced the anticipated multitasking bar. However, negotiations regarding the official Facebook API between the two companies broke down and hasn’t started up until recently.

Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared for his first time at the AllThingsD D10 conference earlier this week, and he hinted at possible integration of Facebook in iOS 6.

He had to answer the following to Walt Mossberg’s question, “What is going on between you and Facebook?”

For us, we want to provide customers simple and elegant ways to do the things they want to do. Facebook has hundreds of millions of customers. So, anyone that has an iPhone or iPad, we want them to have the best experience with Facebook on those platforms.

So stay tuned.

The aforementioned TechCrunch report details:

It’s important to note that Apple being Apple, something could change in the next week and a half (see again: Facebook/Ping). But as of right now, Facebook is a go in iOS “Sundance”. One thing still being hammered out according to our sources is exactly how sharing will work. Sharing is the other big part of the iOS/Twitter integration, and will be important for iOS/Facebook integration as well. But Facebook is significantly more complicated than Twitter in that there a
re all kinds of permissions for what you can post where and who can see what. And Open Graph adds another layer of complexity to all of this.

iOS 6 is rumored to be introduced at this year’s annual WWDC 2012 which will be held later this month.