iOS 6 Offers Do Not Disturb Feature, New Mail Features, and Answering Options

Along with the major additions teased today at Apple’s WWDC keynote, there were also a number of smaller tweaks that, while notable, don’t require much depth while explaining. We’ve included descriptions of such features below.

Do Not Disturb

If you’re completely indisposed or just want to get a good night’s sleep without all of the hassles of being awoken by blaring notifications in the middle of the night, iOS 6′s new Do Not Disturb feature is undoubtedly catered to you. Accessible through the settings application, the Do Not Disturb feature can be toggled on and off – it will mute any notifications and will not light up the screen when turned on. Additionally, it will allow calls from a whitelist, and if someone calls you more than once the call will go through.

Mail Enhancements

Those who were anticipating a major overhaul to the Mail application will be disappointed. The standard client goes without much change. However, a few noteworthy additions were announced earlier today. The first of which is a new VIP inbox feature allows you to customize mail notifications. You can define the contacts from which you want notifications from, which will prevent spam and unimportant mail from disrupting you.

The other enhancement is the ability to initiate attachments from within the mail application rather than having to go through your photos first.

Answering Options

With iOS 6, answer and decline aren’t the only two options you have when you receive a call. You can now also “Reply with Message” or “Remind Me Later” via a simple swipe upwards on the screen. The first will give you a number of options to add to a “Can’t talk now…” message to the contact calling you. You can even reply with a message composed by yourself if you don’t want to use the standard replies.

The “Remind Me Later” option will use Reminders to remind you to call back at certain instances. When I leave, When I arrive, etc.